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  2. There is no limit to classroom size.
  3. Depending on the type of course, the optimal class size can vary from 4 to 20 participants.
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    Infection Control Course (Intermediate)

    This 2-Day classroom course aims to equip and update healthcare professionals on infection control principles and practices to enable them to function effectively in their respective clinical areas.

    As infection prevention and control is an integral part of healthcare delivery, healthcare professionals have an important role to play to ensure that their own safety and those of the patients under their care are not compromised.


    Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

    This 2-Day classroom course aims to provide a good understanding of the Root Cause Analysis concepts and practices. It consists of an insight into the steps involved in conducting an RCA and the problem-solving tools that are used to help nail down the root causes of adverse events or close calls in healthcare.

    This course aims to increase the understanding of RCA and to provide a practical overview of RCA in uncovering the root causes of an accident or adverse event to prevent a recurrence.


    Infection Control For Caregivers

    This 1-Day classroom course is suitable for all levels and anyone who provides care to young children or the elderly and aims to equip them with the basic knowledge of infection prevention and control.

    As infection prevention and control is now an important part of daily living in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has an important part to play to ensure that their own safety and those under their care are not compromised.


    Quality Improvement Tools

    This 2-Day classroom course aims to provide a good foundation for Quality Improvement (QI) Tools, by providing the knowledge, skills, and tools to support its implementation in any healthcare environment and setting. This course will cover the application of principles and practice of different QI Tools, combined with group activities, hands-on practice, as well as their appropriate usage.


    Infection Control Course (Basic)

    This 1-Day classroom course is designed for all levels of staff and personnel who are involved in the service-related industry. The aim is to equip and update personnel on basic infection control principles and practices to enable them to function effectively in their respective roles in the service industry.



    The Power of Infographics

    This 1-day course aims to help learners effectively utilize online tools and resources to create amazing infographics. This course will cover the applications, tips, and hands-on practice of different Infographic Tools. The training outcome enables the participants to effectively apply this skill for the workplace, education, and business requirements.


    Be Social Media Savvy in 2 Days

    This 2-day Social Media Marketing course will show you how to create content for social media platforms that will effectively engage, educate, and entertain your followers. You will learn the benefits of using various popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter.

    It will also cover the SMART goals and show you how to conduct a social media audit on their social media profiles. It will equip you to make informed decisions in the posting of engaging content on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.


    Service Partnerships

    Today, service partners play an important role in every business. Establishing and maintaining service partnerships is the strategic platform for sustainable growth and for continued improvements in the company’s competitive edges.

    The Service Partnership Course is a one-day course offering a practical, accessible introduction to establishing and maintaining relationships to enhance service excellence. It involves assessing the effectiveness of service partnerships and implementing continual improvements to strengthen relationships with service partners.


    Project Management

    Project managers play a key role in leading, planning, and implementing critical projects to help their organizations succeed. Project managers help shape the success of organizations, implement new technology, change the business landscape, and have influence over all areas of a business.

    This 1-Day course is designed for people that are new to project management. This course is structured to give you a solid foundation in project management and to help you speak the project management language.


    Quality Management

    Build basic quality awareness and competency in your service organization. This essential course sets a foundation on which you can build more advanced quality methods and tools. Increase your knowledge and understanding of how to use quality practices and principles in operations.

    Quality Management is a 1-Day course offering an understanding of the quality management fundamentals with the basic principles. You will learn the application of the commonly used quality tools and techniques for problem-solving and process improvement.


    Digital Marketing

    Businesses today are going online or into e-commerce, hence, incorporating a digital marketing strategy as part of the overall marketing plan of a business is necessary to enhance business success. 
    This 2-day course focuses on essential concepts and skills relating to digital marketing. The course explains why digital marketing has become so important today.
    The various platforms of digital marketing will be introduced in this course. This includes creating a web presence, optimizing content for search engines, using social media platforms, carrying out online marketing and advertising across a range of services, as well as monitoring and improving campaigns using analytics.


    Effective Communication Skills

    In this fast-moving environment, we want to ensure our thoughts are communicated and well received. Many times, we may miss out on important information and cause misunderstanding if our communication is not done effectively.

    This 2-Day classroom course aims to develop positive communication skills in the workplace to ensure our message is clear and concise.  After attending the two days of training, you will pick up tips on the different styles of communication, and ways in managing the challenges in our communication with different stakeholders, including, internal, and external customers and our close contacts. 


    Effective Customer Skills & Techniques

    This course is suitable for staff from all levels who serve internal and external customers.  It is important for all staff to learn good customer service skills and techniques to have good long-term relationships.
    Everyone wants and deserves to be served in a professional way. This 2-Day course aims to provide you with all the skills and techniques to win your customers.

    The objective is to provide all the keynotes on how to manage the customers, to better understand their behavior.  “Everything happens for a reason.”  It is important to find out why our customers are unhappy and how to connect with them.


    Ace Your Presentation Skills

    This course is suitable for all levels and anyone who want to reach out to their audience by presenting their information, products, and services effectively. Participants will pick up essential skills necessary for the facilitation and sharing of their experiences.

    This 2-Day classroom course aims to provide all levels of personnel and the public with important pointers on what to look out for during their presentation. Learners will be given the opportunity to present in the class and to know what their blind spots are.  It will be a very interactive session and to be a confident presenter towards the end of the day.


    Sustainable Supply Chain Management

    Today, every business works in the environment of the supply chain. This 2-Day course introduces the concepts and applications of supply chain management tools and models in various supply chain management areas including strategy, materials management, supplier relationships, warehouse, and transportation. 



    Financial Literacy

    Financial Literacy for Non-Finance Managers Course is a two-day course offering a practical, accessible introduction to accounting and finance. No prior exposure to accounting or finance is necessary. You will gain financial literacy and be able to participate in financial conversations and planning with confidence. You will learn about the benefits of financial competence and the difference between financial accounting and management accounting.


    EXCEL for Accountants by Accountant

    Course Description Many asked, “With Power Automate, Power BI, Python, Alteryx, Tableau, etc, what is the value of learning Excel?”


    Finance Course for Entrepreneurs

    Knowing finance, accounting and tax is more than just for compliance. It helps entrepreneurs to understand the performance of their businesses better, make better decisions, and drive growth. This course will provide entrepreneurs with the key knowledge of compliance, finance, accounting, and tax. It aims to help entrepreneurs comply with the related regulatory requirements, make sound financial decisions and monitor their businesses’ financial health.