Classroom Courses

Our classroom courses are running full steam with safe management measures in place based on government guidelines. Classes are limited to 6 participants per session. Besides classroom courses, our self-study ONLINE COURSES which you can enroll to study online at your own pace and convenience is an excellent option. Go to our online courses page to find out more.

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Infection Control


This 2-Day classroom course aims to equip and update healthcare professionals on infection control principles and practices to enable them to work effectively and safely in their respective clinical areas.

As infection prevention and control is an integral part of healthcare delivery, healthcare professionals have an important role to play to ensure that their own safety and the patients under their care are not compromised.

Root Cause Analysis

This 2-Day classroom course aims to provide a good understanding of the root cause analysis concepts and practices. It consists of an insight into the steps involved in conducting an RCA and the problem-solving tools that are used to help nail down the root causes of adverse events or serious near-miss in healthcare.

This course aims to increase the understanding of RCA and to provide a practical overview of RCA in uncovering the root causes of an accident or adverse event to prevent a recurrence.

Infection Control for Caregivers

This 1-Day classroom course is suitable for all levels and anyone who provides care to children or the elderly and aims to equip them with the basic knowledge in infection prevention and control.

As infection prevention and control is now an important part of daily living in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has an important part to play to ensure their own safety and those under their care are not compromised.

Quality Improvement Tools

This 2-Day classroom course aims to provide a good foundation on Quality Improvement (QI) Tools, by providing the knowledge, skills, and tools to support its implementation in any healthcare environment and setting.

This course covers the application of principles and practice of different QI Tools, combined with group activities, hands-on practice, as well as their appropriate usage.