07 Sep

Stopping the Spread of Communicable Diseases!

STS Academia is raising funds to spearhead training and development in infection prevention and control in local and developing communities in Asia. The objective is to reach out to community champions to train and equip them with the knowledge, skills, and resources so that they can in turn kickstart...
29 Sep

Nursing Homes Need Robust Infection Control

Nursing Homes and Long Term Care Facilities are especially prone to outbreaks of infection more than in other settings. This is because the residents in these centers are often debilitated and with underlying medical conditions. They are therefore more susceptible to healthcare-associated infections. Nursing Homes may potentially be a...
29 Sep


Did you know why some people come down with an infection while some people don't? Infection = DOSE of the invading germs + VIRULENCE of the invading germs / Your Immunity Dose & virulence of the invading germs are important factors; equally, if not more important is your own state of...
28 Sep

What is Infection Control?

Infection Control is a discipline concerned with preventing healthcare-associated infections. Infection control is an essential part of the infrastructure of healthcare and now community health. The purpose of infection prevention and control is to identify and reduce the risk of infections in healthcare facilities and in the community.
28 Sep


New term - Healthcare-associated infection. Old term - Hospital-acquired infection or Nosocomial infection. Always use "Healthcare-associated infection" which is a neutral term meaning infection as a result of healthcare treatment. For example, wound infection after surgery.
28 Jan


STS Academia offers both Classroom and Online Courses on Infection Control, Healthcare Quality & Safety. We have recently added Personal Development, Finance & Beauty Care courses as part of our training offerings.