Strengthening Infection Control Training for Caregivers: Promoting Safe and Effective Care

Caregivers play a vital role in providing support and assistance to individuals in need, including the elderly, individuals with disabilities, or those recovering from illnesses. Infection control training is essential for caregivers to ensure they possess the necessary knowledge and skills to prevent the spread of infections, safeguard their own health, and protect the well-being of those under their care. This article will explore the significance of infection control training for caregivers and outline key elements that should be included in such training programs.


Infection Control in Preschools: A Guide to Healthy and Safe Learning Environments

Preschools play a vital role in early childhood development, providing young children with an environment to learn, explore, and grow. However, with the ongoing concern of infectious diseases, it is crucial to prioritize infection control measures to safeguard the health and well-being of both children and staff. By implementing effective infection control practices, preschools can create a safe and healthy environment for young learners.


From Pandemic to Endemic: Understanding the Evolution of a Global Health Crisis

In this article, we will explore the concepts of pandemics and endemics, their key differences, and what it means for our future.



STS Academia offers both Classroom and Online Courses on Infection Control, Healthcare Quality & Safety. We have recently added Personal Development, Finance & Beauty Care courses as part of our training offerings.


Six Ways to Boost Your Immunity

A robust immune system is essential for maintaining good health and defending the body against various pathogens and illnesses. While a healthy lifestyle forms the foundation of a strong immune system, there are additional measures one can take to boost immunity further. In this article, we will explore additional ways to strengthen your immune system and enhance your overall well-being.


Stopping the Spread of Communicable Diseases!

STS Academia is raising funds to spearhead training and development in infection prevention and control in local and developing communities in Asia. The objective is to reach out to community champions to train and equip them with the knowledge, skills, and resources so that they can in turn kickstart training in infection prevention and control for the people they serve in the community.


Nursing Homes Need Robust Infection Control

Nursing Homes and Long Term Care Facilities are especially prone to outbreaks of infection more than in other settings. This is because the residents in these centers are often debilitated and with underlying medical conditions. They are therefore more susceptible to healthcare-associated infections. Nursing Homes may potentially be a hotbed of multi-drug resistant organisms (MDRO) due to overcrowding and understaffing of trained staff. Infection control is often under-emphasized in Nursing Homes due in part to the lack of dedicated infection control staff and optimal staffing.


Did you know why some people come down with an infection while some people don’t?
Infection = DOSE of the invading germs + VIRULENCE of the invading germs / Your Immunity
Dose & virulence of the invading germs are important factors; equally, if not more important is your own state of immunity.
If you have good overall immunity, you can ward off many potential infections and stay healthy.